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Here are a few comments from clients who have received my life coaching

Miki has been very helpful in guiding my thought patterns regarding my work/life balance and attaining more peace of mind. She is great at helping me find key themes in our conversations and help me find more clarity.

R.B. (From Netherlands)

I was able to take the first step toward a dream I was about to give up because of my busy schedule! I now have the courage to continue to make gradual progress toward my dream.

C.M. (From Japan)

I had been experiencing difficulties with workplace relationships, but now I have ideas on how I can approach others and deal with them more smoothly in the future. In fact, after implementing the program, I was able to interact with others better than before, and the stress I had at work disappeared before I knew it.

Y.S. (From U.S.A)

Through life coaching, I was able to realize that there was a discrepancy between the fulfillment I had been thinking about and the fulfillment I actually wanted. That is why I have been feeling frustrated with my recent life.

M.I. (From France)

testimonials and reviews

By explaining to the life coach about the problems I was facing, I was able to sort out my feelings.

Do I want to solve the problem or avoid it? And which is the right approach? The life coach was able to guide me in the direction I wanted to go, not the other way around. Thank you.

 M.C. (From France)

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