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My Biography

~25 yrs old 

It was a time when I wanted to dream and try out all kinds of ideas about where and what I wanted to do with my life from now on.

In elementary school, I learned that English is a language widely used in the world, and while I worked hard to learn English with the hope of someday getting to know people from around the world, although I ended up working in customer service in the IT industry of Japanese  society (it was not so global)..Riding the wave of the times, I began to rush into the business of web design. I began to work in web designing.

In the midst of all this, somewhere in the back of my mind I always had the thought that someday I would like to leave Japan and venture out overseas.

I thought about studying abroad and even considered going to Canada on a working holiday visa. After much twisting and turning, I ended up in Bangkok, Thailand. The bustle of not only the local people but also various foreigners living in the country, and the extraordinary vibrancy of a developing country, which I had never felt in Japan or other foreign countries, fascinated me at the time, and I decided to move to Thailand. I went to Thailand by myself with no one to rely on. Looking back, I think it was a courageous decision made at such a young age.

​~35 yrs old

It was a time when I was thinking about further new beginnings for myself while working and living in a country with a different culture and environment.

When I first moved to Thailand, I was fortunate enough to get a job, but there were many times when I struggled with the unfamiliar local culture and language. As time goes by, it becomes an experience. After that, I had several opportunities to change jobs and worked for a Japanese trading company, a sales and web director in the IT industry, and a sales and marketing in for a foreign logistics company, eventually reaching a managerial position.

It was around this time that I learned about coaching. I was interested in it and read some business coaching books, but at the time I was only getting tips from coaching books on how to work well with my colleagues and business, considering my position in the workplace.

Gradually, I began to feel that my time in Thailand had been over for quite some time. Although there is nothing I can say for sure, I began to feel that I had done enough and that it was time for me to start a new life again. Around this time, my father fell ill, and I began to rethink about my future life.

While worrying deeply about my future, I took a vacation to visit my friend in London, England, and also went sightseeing in Paris, France. Having been accustomed to Thailand and other Asian countries for a long time, I found the cityscape and culture of Europe for the first time to be very fresh and relaxing.

I met someone in Paris at that time, but I had no idea that this encounter would lead me to leave Bangkok and move to Paris next.

~45 yrs old

A time when I was continuously facing child raising, work, and my future life.

The year I moved to Paris, France, was the year I had to say goodbye to my life in Thailand, where I had experienced many things over a long period of time, my father passed away, and I got married. I still remember it as a milestone year.

Although I had moved to France, I was uncertain about what I was going to do. Before coming to France, I was single, working hard, and busy and stressed, but I couldn't picture myself doing the same thing in France. I tried to learn what interested me first, so I studied perfume and managed to get a job related to it, but nothing seemed right when I thought about my future life.

In the meantime, my first and second sons were born, and time seemed to pass at a tremendous pace while I was raising them. Although I feel fulfilled by the joy and happiness I feel for my children as a parent, as I become increasingly adept at raising children, I suddenly find myself wondering, "What is the fulfillment in my life that I am seeking from here on out?"

At that time, I remembered the existence of life coaching and had the opportunity to undergo life coaching. That was when I realized that "this is the path I want to take in the future," and it resonated strongly with me to become a life coach.

Later, I studied a master course in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and life coaching in online classes in the US and obtained a certificate. I was born as a life coach. I continue to study with coaches from all over the world. Looking back, my dream of connecting with people all over the world has come true in my work as a life coach. I am looking forward to getting to know more and more clients from different countries through life coaching.

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